Performance In and Out of Bed

The physical aspect of erectile dysfunction is a failure to get an erection or have an ejaculation.

Once this physical condition is connected to the word impotence, then major psychological repercussions appear. Many men tightly wind their identity to their ability to perform in bed.

For them, it is devastating when that ability is threatened.

Since stress plays a major role in the performance of any kind from losing fat and getting six-pack abs through any program that claims to be best ab workouts,  it will impact the performance in bed as easily.

For now, at least, relax and read. Maybe you can find insights by the end of this article that could help you.

I am going to focus on the physical aspect of performance in bed.

Excessive drinking, smoking, and nutrition play a role. Erection itself requires both the nervous system and vascular system to work well.

Any substance that impacts either will affect sexual performance. Taking this a little further, you can look at erectile dysfunction as a warning sign or a guidepost to tell you what lies ahead.

Erectile dysfunction could easily signify that the cardiovascular system is not working. In many cases, this is tied into nitric oxide and too much oil and animal products in the diet.

Some diseases such as diabetes lower the testosterone levels.

Testosterone increases libido and sexual energy as well as aggression. Exercise and dietary changes can help increase the testosterone and provide precursors to it so that your body can make this performance hormone.

Products that increase blood flow could help. Nitric oxide is an example.

However, when you remember the connection between your heart and erectile function and dysfunction, you understand why you need to have your physician involved in the search for help and don’t buy any product that promises you the moon.

Many of the herbs and supplements are packaged in ways that they bypass FDA supervision. That means both their potential and side effects are unknown until something serious happens to someone and courts get involved.

One of the most effective steps you can take in helping yourself is to manage the stress that robs you of mental, emotional energies as well as the nutrients necessary for performance in and out of the bed.

The following steps could help you.

  1. Check with your doctor.
  2. Learn to meditate about 20 minutes a day.
  3. Keep a diary so that you recognize trends and find solutions.
  4. Perform cardiovascularly and resistance training exercises.
  5. Engage in Tai Chi and Yoga to help you calm yourself as you move.
  6. Shift your viewing styles and listening style to the type of vibration that calms your nervous system instead of agitating it.
  7. Shift your diet to one that has less oil, fewer animal products, and more nutrients especially those that help your body make nitric oxide.